Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ground Rules

I'm incredibly flexible.  I'm available Monday - Saturday for showings usually from 11 a.m. until the sun gives out.  I'm accessible via text, email or phone.  I don't mind what time you call me.  If I am available I'll pick up.  You can email me five hundred times a day with questions.  You can vent your frustrations about the process to me (I won't take it personally and I will keep your eye on the goal - close on your home).

You can read what my clients have to say about me here:

However, there are some absolute MUSTS if you are going to work with me.

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You must have a lender pre-approval letter if financing (and I will contact your lender to make sure all is in place).  If you are paying cash then I need to see bank statements showing you have the cash on deposit and  available to close. 

We don't look at homes until I have these items. 


Time is valuable to me.  I get many requests per week from people who want to look at homes.  Some are just looking and trying to figure out what they want to do.  I understand people will want to make investigative trips to Vegas to research the area.  That makes sense.  However, I cannot accommodate these requests and give my clients the service they deserve.  My current clients would not appreciate me spending time on uncommitted/undecided people when I could have been answering my clients' calls or showing them homes.  Sellers wouldn't appreciate being asked to open  their homes and make them available to uncommitted/undecided buyers.

Generally, for these people I am happy to meet at my office to discuss their search and direct them to the areas of town that would most likely meet their needs.  This allows them to drive the neighborhoods, walk into the stores and restaurants and generally see how the lifestyle is in the area.  However, looking at homes is premature.

Plus, this is my business.  As I have stated in another post, " I'm not a tour guide or chauffeur.  I'm here to sell homes." You can read more about how it works money wise for me (and any other real estate agent) here and here.

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You have to fill out my buyer pre-showing form prior to scheduling any appointments with me.  You can find it here:

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You have to keep me in the loop.  If you are not happy with something tell me.  If something has changed in your circumstances tell me. Not understanding something? Tell me.   I covered this in a prior post called Surprises Don't Work in Real Estate.


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