Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Las Vegas HUD Homes: Benefits of Buying a HUD Home

What are the benefits of buying a HUD home?

1.  Low Earnest Money Deposit
Earnest money deposit will be either $500 or $1000 depending upon the price of the home.

2.  Owner Occupant Priority Bidding
HUD has an owner occupant priority bidding period from 5 to 30 days.

3.  FHA Appraisal Completed
If you are financing with an FHA loan the appraisal is already completed.  No appraisal fee and no wait period.  These appraisals are good for four months.

4.  Escrow Fee Paid by HUD
Typically, these fees are split with the seller. HUD pays for the entire fee.

5.  HUD Money for Closing Costs
HUD will contribute up to 3% of your purchase price towards your closing costs.

Southern Nevada Realty, LLC is a registered HUD broker.  Call us today (702-807-3339) to discuss purchasing your Las Vegas HUD home.

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