Monday, April 18, 2011

Where is my Driveway?

Buyers not accustomed to the way some newer Las Vegas home communities are built are often surprised when we drive up to a home and there is no driveway or the driveway is shared.  Not a good thing if you are planning on using your garage space as storage.

Cluster Home Community
How can you avoid this surprise? Generally homes with these types of driveways will have lot sizes of 3000 sq. ft. or smaller.  Often you can look at the picture in the MLS to see if a driveway exists.  Another good way to check on a home is to look at the birds eye view on Bing Maps or look at street view on Google Maps.

Another thing to consider about these types of homes is where the guest parking is located and parking rules in general.  Some communities will have designated guest parking spaces that are scattered through out the community.  Others will allow for limited parking on the street.  You are usually never allowed to park in such a way that you will block a garage door (even yours), fire hydrants, or mailboxes.  Check with your homeowners association for all parking rules.

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