Monday, April 25, 2011

Las Vegas Homes: Buyer's Let's Figure It Out!

Often Las Vegas homes shoppers will come into town and only have a few days to look at homes.  The most productive thing that we can do before someone gets into town is to narrow down their criteria ahead of time (which is why I recently started sending out a pre-showing questionnaire before showing homes).

Why narrow it down?

So we don't waste time looking at homes that won't work for you.  I wasted precious time last week with buyers because they did not fill out my pre-showing questionnaire or answer my questions on the phone when I tried to pin them down on criteria.

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Yes, often you won't know everything.  But, you always know price range; type of home (single family residential/townhome/condo); and purpose of home (investment, second home, primary residence).

Here are my top six posts for determining what you would like in your next Las Vegas Home:

Thanks everyone!

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