Thursday, February 03, 2011

Las Vegas Home Buyers: Gated or Guard Gated?

There are different ways to narrow down your search.  One way is to think about if it matters to you whether a community is gated or guard gated. Here are the key differences between the two types.

Gated Communities
Gated communities are just that - gated.  Often there is a code to get within the gates and residents may have a remote that allows access without a code. It is easy to enter this type of community by following someone through the gate. Typically, these types of Las Vegas communities do NOT have any additional security.  Also, the homeowners association fees tend to be slightly higher than non-gated communities because of the additional maintenance associated with the gate.

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Guard Gated Communities
Las Vegas guard gated communities will allow non-residents access only if the resident is available to grant you permission to enter or if you are on an approved list.  Otherwise, you are not getting in.  Most guard gated communities also tend to have 24 hour manned gates and additional security patrols within the community. The homeowners association fees for these types of communities tend to be much higher than gated or non-gated communities.

Make the Choice
Generally, vacation or second home owners tend to favor gated or guard gated communities. It tends to give them an added sense of security with respect to their home when they are not in residence.  If security is a big issue in your home search then you may opt to only look at homes within these types of communities.  Depending upon your price range this may limit your choices, however it is important that you consider your needs and wants when looking for your Las Vegas home.  Don't compromise on something that is a "must" on your list.

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