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What is this Form? Things You Will Get In The Mail After Closing.

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You've closed!  Congratulations.  Let the mail begin.

Title Closing Package:
Check the documents you signed at closing to see if you opted to receive this via mail or if you are supposed to pick up the package from the title company office. If it is being mailed, this package should be received within a week of closing.  It will have your final HUD statement and any check for amounts due to you (if any). 

Home Warranty:
Within two weeks of closing you should receive your home warranty booklet.  It will explain what is covered and what is not under your home warranty.  Check with your real estate agent to find out if you have basic covereage or any extras.  You can also pay for any additional coverage on the home that you wish to add.

Homestead Exemption Form:
The number one item I get calls on from clients is the homestead exemption forms sent out by various companies.  These companies, for a fee, will process this for you.  You can easily do this yourself and save some money.  Visit this link to get to the form and instructions on where to send it.

Utility Bills:
Seems pretty basic.  But often people do not get their utility bills and end up having the lights turned off on their home due to non-payment.  If you don't receive a bill within 30 days then contact the utility company and check to see what address they have on file for you.  This has been an issue with my Canadian clients who purchase vacation properties in town. It is best to opt for online statements so you don't miss anything.

Those are the biggies.  You will also be getting tons of solicitations for window coverings and other such home items.  Those will taper off after a month.

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