Friday, January 14, 2011

Things to Consider when Buying a Las Vegas Condo

Want to buy a Las Vegas condo?  Let's talk.

Do you want to be on the top floor or on the bottom? 
Top floor means stairs which can be annoying when you are hauling a load of groceries (unless you are in a building with an elevator).  Bottom unit can mean you get to hear your upstairs neighbors aerobics routine at 6 a.m. in the morning.

Garages Available 
What is the parking situation?
If you need extra storage then a garage is a nice bonus.  Also, an attached garage can give you added safety when exiting your auto to your place.  If a garage is not available then covered parking is essential in our summer months. If you plan on having guests it is nice to get a feel for the open space parking available in the complex.

Gated or not?
Condos in vegas can be guard gated, gated, or non-gated.  Guard gated will carry the most monthly fees and the most security.  Gated will offer a layer of security.  However, remember it is easy to follow someone into a complex.

What amenities do you want in a complex?
Pool, spa, tennis, raquetball, fitness center, children's play area - these are a few amenities offered in some of our condo complexes.

Is this cash or will you finance?
Some complexes cannot be financed and are cash only deals.  Check the subdivisions with your lender to make sure that financing is available.

Investment or owner occupied?
Most complexes in town allow rentals.  However, they put a cap on how many units can be rented out in a complex.  The homeowners association should be able to give you this information.  Ask your real estate agent to give you the number so you can find out.

Just a few things to consider in addition to price and location.
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