Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprises Don't Work In Real Estate

Communication is very important in order to get a real estate transaction from the looking at homes stage to closing.  Often, clients are reluctant to share information that they perceive to be "bad" and this can cause tremendous problems in a deal.  Sometimes clients simply neglect to share something because they don't think it is relevant.

As far as I am concerned there is no "bad or irrelevant" news as long as I find out about it right away.  That gives me time to try to find a solution to the issue.

So, if any of the following occur or will occur during our time together please let me know as soon as possible.

Vacation Plans
If you are going to be out of town please make sure that I know and give me your contact numbers where you can be reached while you are away. It never fails, you leave town and I need something signed by you right away.  Not a good time to find out that you are on a cruise and access is limited. 

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Change in Job Circumstances
You are laid off or your hours are cut back.  Even though you have an approval on your loan don't think that this new situation will not affect you.  Often the underwriter will review your file prior to closing and even make calls to your work place to confirm all information.   

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Illness or Surgery
Accidents or emergencies can happen.  Often these can be stressful and demand your full attention.  Let me know if something is happening in your life that could affect your real estate deal.  We may have to postpone our search or even get you out of the contract until your life calms down.  The more I know about your personal situation the more I am able to help smooth things along with your real estate deal.

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"Cash" Deals
When you say you are paying cash for a home that means you have the cash in hand.  If the cash is in your retirement account or you need to pull the equity from your home (yes, some people still have equity) that is not cash.  Your account executive or home re-finance person may tell you it will take only days to get the money.  However, the reality is that sometimes days turns into weeks.  Which can leave you in a precarious position when you have to close and funds are not available. 

Too much information doesn't bother me.  I can weed through that and focus on what is important.  Too little information can cause unnecessary stress in your deal and sometimes can put your earnest money deposit in jeopardy.  Don't make the mistake of not telling me something that I need to know.

Thanks everyone!  Hope you have a fantastic week.

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