Friday, October 08, 2010

Las Vegas Home Search Tools

Walking Path in Green Valley Ranch

Searching for a Las Vegas home can be tough work.  After a little while all of the listings that are being sent to you via email start to look the same.  How are you going to distinguish one from the other? Especially when you don't know the neighborhoods?

Some online mapping tools might help.  Here are a few of my favorites.

But first, are you receiving listings via email?  Click here and get a list of homes for sale in our area.  Super convenient and you get the listings as they are uploaded into our local MLS.

Las Vegas Zip Code Map - very useful for getting a good view of the overall valley.  Click here to get one.

Google Maps - plug in the address and get a map and aerial view.  Also street views is available for certain areas.  This is a great tool for getting a feel for a community.

Bing Maps - this has a map and aerial view (like google maps).  It also has a super useful birds eye view.  Great for figuring out if a lot is elevated or not.

These three great resources will help get you familiar with the neighborhoods including finding the nearby parks, grocery stores, and other necessary conveniences.

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