Monday, August 09, 2010

My Top Nine Las Vegas Home Buyer Posts

Here are my top nine posts with wonderfully helpful and timely information for Las Vegas home buyers.

Las Vegas Short Sales  - Get the answers to all of your questions regarding the short sale process (for buyers of short sale properties).

Las Vegas Bank Owned Properties - Again, some information to help you through the bank owned property world.

Home Buyer Tools - crime reports, school zoning, maps, and other useful information.

Finding the Best Las Vegas School - research specific schools through accountability reports which detail everything from test scores to truancy rates.

How to Find the Best Home: What Do You Want? - the basics you need to figure out before going out to look at homes.  Save yourself some time and read this post.

How to Find the Best Home: What Else Do You Want? - Beyond the basics of your home search. Get into the nitty gritty of what you want in a home.

Making an Offer - what is needed to make an offer on a Las Vegas home.

What Should You Offer?- how to figure out what your offer should be.

Las Vegas Home Buyers: Accept, Reject, Counter???- the negotiation process.  

Looking for a Vegas home?  Contact me today.  Let's get your home search started!

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