Monday, August 23, 2010

Local Spotlight: Ganesha Center

Looking for some spiritual comfort in Las Vegas?  The place to go is Ganesha Center.

Ganesha Center is a sanctuary for the spirit and offers various workshops and classes with the purpose of serving your soul.  Classes and workshops on feng shui, meditation, essential oils, psychic development, and more are offered.  In addition, Reiki and other healing modalities are taught and provided to patrons.  The minute you step through their doors you will feel at peace.

There is something interesting going on every single day and night.  Check their calendar to RSVP.

I personally have attended many of the classes and meditations offered and the instructors are fantastic.  Christina Ambubuyog's Friday night Intuitive Meditations are incredibly uplifting and leave you feeling blissful.  The Meditations using Essential Oils given by Barbara Pasqui will definitely blow your mind (I've also heard her Abundance Meditation gives quick results).  I recently attended a Rishi meditation and left feeling energized and cleansed. 

Any class taught by Brenda Calvin will inspire you.  She has a dynamic personality and her love and wisdom shines through when she teaches.  The Discussions of a Higher Realm with Tony Stubbs and Brenda Calvin brings together a very enlightened group to share  conversation on various topics ranging from near death experiences to our soul's purpose.

I've also attended incredible workshops and classes given by Kelly Whetstone, Danielle Dove, Leeza Robertson, and Gregory Joseph.  I'm hoping they will be back on the calendar soon.

Vegas is not a spiritual desert.  Get to the Ganesha Center and expand your mind and soul.

There are some wonderful communities adjacent to Ganesha Center. 

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