Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personalizing Your New Home with Color

A guest post from Mary-Frances Cimo of  Mary-Frances calls herself a color consultant. I personally feel (and you will too once you visit to her web site) she is a color genius.

Homes are selling in Las Vegas. Lots of them. And there’s lots of waiting. The short sale has created a phenomenon where new homeowners are anxiously awaiting their home for months on end.  That leaves an abundance of time to think about your new home and imagine how you’d like it to look and feel.

Painting is typically at the top of the to-do list for new homeowners. A freshly painted home is a new beginning. A clean start. Before you turn to Mesa Tan for your entire home, take a moment and think. This is your first opportunity to personalize your home and make it a reflection of you.  

Imagine the kitchen and family room, the heart of your home.

What colors would make it feel warm and welcoming for all of the special memories created in this room?  What colors feel like “home” to you?

Then, there’s your bedroom.

It’s your sanctuary. Your space to relax and rejuvenate at the end of a long day. What colors make you feel peaceful and calm?

How about your home office? 

What colors inspire you to be creative and focused? Colors that make you look forward to spending time in your office.

You have a blank slate to create your dream home--with colors that are perfect for you. Those colors are different for everyone. They are part of who you are.

As a color consultant, I help you connect with the colors that create your special home. We work together to discover the colors that make you happy and make your new home look its absolute best. Together, we create harmony throughout your home.

Imagine walking through the front door on moving day. You’re walking into your home. A home that looks exactly like you and your personality.

Color makes the greatest impact on how a home looks and feels. Embrace the colors you love. Live happily in the home of your dreams.

Mary-Frances Cimo is a Las Vegas Color Consultant. 

She works with you to discover the perfect colors for you and your home. Her home color designs have been featured in numerous design publications, including STIR by Sherwin-Williams for Designers and Architects.

Call 702.202.7543 to discuss the color possibilities for your home. To learn more about home color consultations, visit

Thanks Mary-Frances!

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Real estate blogging encourages a culture and principle of RESPECTFUL debate. Great stuff as usual…. Thanks for this.

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