Monday, July 26, 2010

Las Vegas Spotlight: Casualmere, Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothing
Dennis Fasone and Diane Hauser are clients who recently moved to The Lakes.  Dennis and Diane were gracious enough to share with me (and you) some of their thoughts about Vegas.

However, I would first like to introduce you to their business. Dennis is President of Casualmere, a corporation dedicated to selling clothing and accessories made from bamboo and other earth friendly, “green” products. 

Casualmere clothing is super soft and comfortable.  It is the perfect clothing to wear in today's hot weather because it looks good and feels wonderful.  Not only will you look good you will also feel good wearing this clothing because it is environmentally friendly and a percentage of each sale is donated to the California Oncology Research Institute.  

Why did you decide to settle down in Las Vegas?
We chose Las Vegas because of the weather (we are hot weather people), the current real estate prices, and Nevada taxes (and lack of taxes on pension income) are very good for both businesses and individuals.  We have come to really enjoy the choice of restaurants.  One thing we really like is that Las Vegas is served by reasonably priced airlines that fly from all areas.  We have seen more family in two months than all of last year.   

What do you love about the area you live in?
We love "The Lakes" area. It is an "established" neighborhood with mature, tree lined access streets, and HOA control over the house and street appearance.  We have weekly street cleaning and fully maintained multiple community water feature ponds throughout the community.   The area appears to be very new even though it was established in 1988.  We have found the quality of the homes built in this area is superior to newer construction.

We have easy access to shopping.  Within three miles or less we have big box stores, high end shoppes, grocery stores, and chain stores.  Our neighborhood is very quiet, especially at night.  We can get to the airport in 15 minutes on the 215 and the "strip" is only 15 minutes on Desert Inn.

Do you have any tips or advice for someone moving to Vegas?  Anything you didn't know before moving here? 
We moved from Los Angeles and find the people here are very friendly.  We have met all our neighbors already and they are all pleasant (while private, which we appreciate).  The local papers and internet always have special offerings for locals.  The only higher cost than expected was the auto insurance, all other costs are very reasonable or lower than expected.

Thanks Dennis and Diane!

Don't forget to visit Casualmere and support a Vegas business! 

Oh, and here is a slide show of The Lakes:

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