Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ten Minutes

Become aware of the energy levels in your home environment. Paintings, crystals, statues, books, magazines, even the colors on your walls and the arrangement of the furniture all create energy into which you are catapulted for at least half of your waking life. Be aware of it. Be conscious of the energy in your home.
~Wayne Dyer
What type of energy surrounds you in your home?  Maybe there are things that need to be thrown away or donated to your local charity?  Maybe there are things that you have been meaning to fix?

Sometimes the thought of doing home projects can be overwhelming. Don't be afraid.  Pick one thing that you would like to clean up right now.  Maybe it is the kitchen table that is overflowing with mail.  Maybe it is a linen closet bursting at the seams.

Set your oven timer for ten minutes - then start clearing, cleaning, tossing.

What? You say, I can't possible clear this mess in ten minutes.  That is correct.  You don't have to clear the entire mess - just begin and see how much you can do within those ten minutes. Your only commitment is to ten minutes a day. 

Ten minutes a day will do wonders.  Trust me.



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