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Are You Closing Next Week? Top Five Things You Should Do NOW!

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Yes, the frenzy before your closing date.  Don't you love it?  Your lender is calling you asking for documents you are sure you provided already. Your agent is emailing you documents that need your signature.  The title company wants money from you.   Hair pulling time!

It is easy to lose sight of things when so much is going on.  Here are five things you should do now in order to keep yourself sane next week.

Transfer your Utilities
Call each utility and see if you can set up the transfer for next week.  Each utility will have different requirements.  Some will let you set up the transfer over the phone or online.  Best to find out now what is needed.

Finalize your Home Insurance
If you haven't done this then do it now.  Your lender won't let you close without this.  If you are paying cash, this is one thing you don't want to forget and let slide.

Moving Day Essentials
Seems like this should be at the top of your list.  Call and finalize the details of your move. Do you need a baby sitter or pet sitter for that day?  Do you need to take some days off work?  It might be a good idea to put together a box of essentials that stay with you that day - snacks, water, documents, toilet paper.  You know things that you don't want to have to rummage through boxes to find.

Make Sure Your Closing Funds Are Ready
Your title/escrow company should have provided you with an estimated HUD showing what you need to bring for closing.  Most will want certified funds.  Others may prefer a wire transfer.  Verify this with the company.

Change Your Address
Who needs to know your new address?  Bank, your landlord, relatives (maybe?), friends.  Take some time to make a list and start dialing each one. You can also go online to make the change.

Oh, and have you started packing yet?  If not, get busy!

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