Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What Do You Want Your House to Be When It Grows Up?

In an effort to blog on a regular basis I decided to join NaBlogPoMo. Each day there is a writing prompt, today's is:

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?*

However, since this is a real estate blog I will re-phrase it to something more relevant:

What do you want your house to be when it grows up?

Hmmm, some of you are saying. What???

Unless you had your home custom built there are always things about it that don't quite fit your idea of the perfect home. Maybe, it is that awkward kitchen or the non-existent back yard landscaping. Still, there was something about the home that grabbed you enough to purchase it. Maybe you had a vision of what the kitchen or backyard could look like if you put some time, effort, and money into it.

What was that vision? Have you done anything with it? I know lately I have been on a home improvement kick. I have been fixing things, adding things, and generally envisioning what it is I want my home to look like when it grows up.

Here are a few resources I turn to when looking for home improvement and design ideas and/or assistance:

Ehow - great resource for videos and tutorials

Home Depot - project guides, videos, and workshops

Lowes Creative Ideas - again videos and project guides

Apartment Therapy - I love this site. Tends to focus on design for small spaces.

Flickr - I could spend days looking at all of the house pictures posted on this site. You can search by color, style, or anything your heart desires.

I wish I could list all of my favorite sites, but there is only so much room.

Have fun and if you have decide you need a Las Vegas home to nurture into adulthood contact me.

~ Cindy
* I wanted to be a teacher or veterinarian.

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