Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do They Want To Sell Their Home?

Since I mainly work as a buyer's agent,  I have first hand experience with ways that sellers sabotage themselves in the sale of their home.  I don't know how many times I hear a buyer ask me, Do they want to sell their home?

Limited Showings
I always groan a bit when I see "appointment only" on an MLS listing.  Most of the time that means, keep calling and when we feel like showing we will show it.  It also means, we can show on our lunch hour or after work hours only.  Often it means I will keep calling and never get a response at all.  Yes, it isn't only real estate agents that don't return phone calls - their sellers do the same thing!

I understand that a seller has to work and wants to be there when the home is shown.  However, the seller needs to understand that when I am trying to show several homes it can be difficult to coordinate every one's times.  I'm trying to meet three different schedules: my buyer's, the seller's, and mine.  That can get complicated.

Redundant Paperwork
The other day - after my short sale offer had been accepted and executed by the seller - I started receiving addenda, disclosures, more addenda, more disclosures.  All basically re-stating everything that was in our contract and short sale addendum.   Additionally, I received an addendum that stated some new terms the seller wanted my buyer to agree to.  What?  My buyer said, I'm not signing any of that.

I totally agreed with him.  Yes, the seller has no control over the documents that an  agent may provide.  However, this type of behavior can cause a deal to go bad pretty quickly.  As a seller, you should be aware of what your real estate agent is doing.

Distractions, Distractions
When sellers are in the home it can be a good or bad thing.  It depends on the seller.  A brief hello is always welcome.  A brief introduction to why you love the home and area is also always welcome.  But, a tour ...  well, not necessary.  We know what we are looking for in a home.  Also, pets.  We love them, yes we do. But, not when they are slobbering all over our feet and jumping all over our legs.

I'll often leave a home with these types of distractions and the buyers will not remember any of the home.  While showing homes in these circumstances I do my best to point out positive and negative features that are relevant to the buyer.  I will also keep trying to keep their focus on the home.   Still, when faced with an overly enthusiastic seller or pet a buyer can easily lose their focus.

Call the FBI, the Seller is Missing
We submit our offer and wait, and wait, and wait.  Yes, this is customary with bank owned properties.  But, for all other sales a response should be given within 24 - 48 hours.  Alas, sellers often escape the clutches of their agents and are no where to be found.

Sellers, please, please, please, let your agents know when you are planning on going out of town.  Make sure your agent has your cell number, check your emails often, and keep in touch.  It never fails, the day you decide to leave for vacation is the day an offer comes in.  Remember, while we are waiting for your response my buyers and I are still out looking at other properties.

There is more.  But, this post is getting long enough! 

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Enjoy the day.


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