Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Free for All: Home

I love the moment when I walk into a home and know instantly - this is it. This is the one my clients will love. This is the one that will make them go nuts. This is THE ONE.

For me, that is what home hunting should be about. Yes, there are parameters - size, area of town, price - to be considered. However, in the end the home should speak to you. It should have something in it that says, I'm yours.

Sometimes, it is a backyard where you imagine yourself drinking a quiet cup of coffee or sipping a nice glass of wine. Sometimes, it is a cozy family room where you see yourself and your family enjoying movie night. Sometimes, it is a comfortable bedroom where you can relax and be alone.

What about investors? Does this work for them? Yes, I think it does. An investor client once told me he doesn't buy something he wouldn't live in himself. To him that is the difference between a landlord and a slum lord. As an investor, you are offering someone else the opportunity to be at home. How fantastic is that?

House hunting should be exciting. Don't let yourself get caught up in the multiple offers, dealing with banks, etc. Just go out, have fun, and let the home speak to you. If it does, make an offer. If you don't get it. That's okay. There is always going to be another home that catches your eye.

The most important thing is to find a small (yes, in Vegas it can be really small) piece of land that says - I'M YOURS.

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