Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Aw Shucks! Client Testimonial

I need to update my testimonial page. I am fortunate to have some fantastic clients. Here is one testimonial that came in last week.

Dear Cindy,
I just wanted to again thank you for the incredible professional and personal help you provided to my wife and I in our recent search for a home in the Las Vegas area. Being from out of state, made us wonder who we could trust to really listen to our needs and help us make an educated choice - all from 1200 miles away. When I began searching on the internet, I ran across several "well-advertised" realtors and tried to work with them to find a home. Unfortunately, none of them really tried to understand what we were looking for.

When we finally ran across your website, we were impressed. After I emailed you with our basic desires, you set up the best automated search that found the type houses we wanted, in the areas we were interested in. It was even more impressive when we found your email notices gave us "inside" details about each listing that was not found on the standard public realty websites - or from other realtors that we had tried.

I was amazed that you applied no pressure to look at "your" listings like the previous agents had done. We were now starting to learn about the area and listings, all by email and internet. After a few days of looking with your leads on the internet, my call to you by phone further confirmed my belief that we had found a great realtor. Your guidance in directing us away from some areas that looked good on the internet and toward other areas that were family friendly was wonderful.

After another week of searching with your daily email alerts, you recommended that we fly out there to walk thru some of the listings and neighborhoods to further narrow down our choices. I was expecting to get a couple of hours of your time, but was I surprised when you said you would spend whatever time it took to find our new home. We visited about 12 listings as I recall, before we found the 1 that we were looking for.

Again, your advice guided us well in placing a great offer, but the listing realtor was not as helpful since they omitted mentioning that they already had a matching offer in hand - so we lost that one.

Finally, it happened early one morning! I opened my email alerts from you and there it was - truly the home of our dreams. I went to the public realty website and it was NOT there. Could it be a mistake? I hurriedly emailed you, since it was early, and you called back quickly. Since I could not fly out on short notice, you agreed to make a walk through and send pics. Was I surprised when we got not 5 or 10 pics but 50 posted on your Flickr website so we did not have to download or overload our email.

Your site visit confirmed that your website listing was correct so we placed the offer again remotely by email - on a house that we had not ever walked through. In reflection, that did not worry us since on my previous visit there, after the 4th house we looked at, you started predicting what I would like or not like - from my comments on the previous houses. In other words, you didn't just show us houses, you listened and understood what we were wanting.

A few days later you called to inform us that the seller, a national bank had accepted our offer, but needed more paperwork to finalize the offer. You immediately worked with them to get that handled and left us with little to do - except sign the documents. It was amazing that after these days of emails, the public website still had little info on the house. Your website had the info a full 7 days before it was on the public website!!!! THAT GOT THE HOUSE FOR US!

But what now? We were from out of state and had no local (or national) lendor that would handle the loan (due the national lending crisis, where even Donald Trump was on TV saying he couldn't get a loan.) You recommended a local broker and somehow they got the loan approved, insured and closed - even in those trying times. When one of the other firms needed a push to move forward, again you were there to get the deal done so we could move in.

After closing, we were still new to town and living out of state. We needed people to clean and do some fixups on the house. Again, you had great recommendations. These people did an incredible job and we will use them again.

This may sound like a fairytale to others or an infomercial - but it is not. This is the true story of how a pair of Southerners bought a house in Las Vegas, that they had never walked into, and LOVE IT! Thanks Cindy for ALL your work.

R.G. & Mary Edwards

You can see why I love my clients!!!

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