Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Housing Markets will Roar Back in 2009

Interesting story re. 2009 and the real estate market. One highlight:

“With 4.5% fixed mortgage rates, housing prices lower than they were 'pre-housing bubble', commodity prices lower, tax credits available for homebuyers, and the government eager to stimulate our economy, for the first time in years I can see prices rising again in 2009” adds McGee. “This is a great time to buy properties for investors -- to buy properties at wholesale prices below today’s already low prices -- rent them out for positive cash flow and then sell them for big profits in late 2009 once price appreciation kicks in."

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Richard Stabile Bergen County Real Estate said...

If the fed keeps putting money into new mortgage paper with Fannies and Freddie, the money will eventually hit the market. So far it is only hitting in the conforming mortgages. I wrote about 10 weeks ago for the fed to borrow on long term treasury’s and put the money directly into new mortgages at low rates to get the market going. I also said they should provide investor financing to get the foreclosed homes bought and rented. Investor will bring a lot of capital to the market. All buyers must qualify under normal standards.
My investigation also finds the heavily hit markets are reacting to the lower prices and lower rates and volume is picking up nicely.

The banks can not get the money directly, they won’t lend or at least not at the rate and quantity we need. When a purchaser gets a mortgage, buys a property, the old mortgage gets paid off to the bank. The bank receives the money and the mortgage is retired. If the bank’s reserves are too short to retire the mortgage, that is another issue for their solvency.

This is in the works, and we will turn around!