Friday, September 12, 2008

Seller Downpayment Assistance Ends Soon

Time may be running out to purchase a new home if you are planning on asking the seller for downpayment assistance. The recent housing bill eliminates seller assisted funding for Federal Housing Administration backed mortgages. After September, the only no down payment mortgage left will be VA loans. Right now, we are watching and waiting for seller downpayment assistance to be revived.

We know of a few home builders in town who might be able to help you. Contact us and we will register you with those builders (assuming something is available when you contact us). Don't wait because we need to get the process started in order to qualify you for the seller down payment assistance.

Meanwhile, if you are waiting for the prices to drop more - don't. Don't try to time the market because no one knows what will happen. It is a buyer's market and you should be buying. Don't let your current fears of pricing hurt you. If you find a house you love - a home you can enjoy and grow in. Buy it. Make the best deal you can possibly make and start enjoying your new home. Buy when you have the power - NOW.

Act today and let's get you into a home while the pricing is excellent and the money is available. I know there are some of you who missed out on buying a home in the past because the prices went way out of your reach. Our pricing is amazing! Don't miss out again.

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Anonymous said...

Saving DPA is one step closer to being a reality! Join me TODAY in calling some congress people to let them know how important this bill is to the American people and our economy. We have less than two weeks to make this our voices heard. Here are 3 very influential congress people that can have an impact on our progress.

Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland: 202-225-4131

Congressman Roy Blunt of Southwest Missouri: 202-225-6536

Congressman John Boehner of Ohio: 202-225-6205

Let's make this happen!!!