Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Las Vegas Schools: Finding the Best School for your Child

The Las Vegas area only has one school district - Clark County School District. This tends to cause some trouble because one of the first questions relocating families ask is: Where are the best school districts?

No need to despair. If schools are important to you the best place to start is at Nevada Report Card. This website allows you to research individual Las Vegas schools and get information such as:

* testing results
* student discipline
* student attendance
* parent attendance at teacher parent conferences
* teacher qualifications
* graduation and drop out rates
* plus much more.

In addition, you can compare schools and also create a custom search. This is a great tool for families moving to the Las Vegas area. To access the site click here.

Once you find the schools(s) you want to focus upon let me know. I can adjust your home searches to only send those homes that are within that school's zoning (remember that this can change at anytime). To check school zoning click here (you will need to input the property address).

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