Friday, September 05, 2008

Las Vegas Home Buyer: Your Offer is Accepted!

Wonderful. You've found a home, made an offer, and now you have an agreement. What next?

*Your contract (offer,addendum, counter offers) and earnest money will be sent to the title/escrow company.

*The home inspection will be scheduled. Your agent will make sure that all utilities are on at the property so a proper inspection can be made.

*Your lender will start working on your loan file - getting additional documentation, title work from the title company, also ordering the appraisal.

*Your due diligence period begins to run. The time you have to complete inspections and other investigations is stated in your contract. Your real estate agent will keep up with this date.

*If the home has a homeowner's association you will receive the package which shows you the rules of the community, whether there is any litigation in the community, and budget information.

*The title company will begin doing the preliminary title work.

* Don't forget homeowner's insurance. Contact your insurance agent and start the process.

There are numerous items that need to be taken care of during this time. Your real estate agent will keep in contact with your lender, the seller's agent, and the title company to make sure that no details fall through the cracks.

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