Monday, August 25, 2008

Mortgages Are Getting More Expensive

Fannie Mae has recently announced changes that will make getting a home mortgage more expensive. These changes included added fees, eliminating Alt-A loans by the end of 2008, and charging a high risk premium for buying loans.

In addition, banks have been steadily freezing, eliminating, or cutting off home equity lines of credit. Even people with good credit are finding their rates increasing,limits being lowered, and higher down payments being required.

What does this mean to you?

It means your mortgage could cost more. It could also mean the mortgage you thought you had today may be gone tomorrow. Buyers who are waiting to see if pricing will go down further could find they missed their chance due to rising financing costs and discontinuation of their loan program or home equity line of credit.

Now is a great time to purchase a home in the Las Vegas area. There are some fantastic opportunities. I know that some of you didn't buy when we were booming because the prices went far out of your reach. Prices are now well within your reach. What are you waiting for? Now, is the time to act.

Don't miss out again!

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