Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to Worry Less and Live More

There are so many of you worrying about the state of the real estate market and the overall economy. You see the equity in your homes disappearing and may feel trapped. I wish I could give you definite assurances that all will be fine next year. Unfortunately, I'm not psychic and no one really knows what the future brings.

What I can do is to encourage you to remember that worry accomplishes nothing worthwhile and leads to illness, fatigue, and unhappiness. Here are a few tips to help you worry less and live more:

1. Take a Deep Breath

When you begin to worry, stop, take a breath that expands into your abdomen and release it slowly. This is a good way to stop your pattern of worrying.

2. Make your Worry Accountable.

Ask yourself, What has my worry done for me today?Has it made me feel happy? Has it solved my problems? Has it increased my energy level? If worry is not increasing your well being then why continue to do it?

3. Appreciate your Life.

When you start to worry take the time to list a few things that you love and appreciate about your life. Look at your appreciation list and think about each thing for a few minutes. This will distract you from your worries and will also give your body a great boost.

4. Set a Time Limit.

If you can't stop yourself from worrying then give yourself a time limit. Decide to only spend five minutes worrying. Once finished, go about your day. It is always nice to check something off your to do list!

5. Give Your Worries Away

Write your worries down on a piece of paper and give them away to someone who can handle them.

6. Take Action.

List out your worries. Now, remove those things you have no control over. Next, look at the remaining worries and make a decision to take one small action every day towards eliminating those worries. It can be as small as doing research on the web, brainstorming ideas, etc. Just do something every day.

I know these tips won't stop what is going on around you. But, has your worry stopped what is going on around you? No. The only thing that helps in troubled situations is creativity, appreciation, action, and trust in yourself. Worry keeps you from those essentials.

Have a great weekend.

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Maria James said...

i found this in a google search. i really like your blog. hard to find something both informative and easy to read.