Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Las Vegas Homes: Another Homes Story

The "hot" story is the lack of affordable housing in Las Vegas. Here is another one from the Las Vegas Sun: Auctions are to Blame

This story seems to be the issue everyone keeps talking about. Like I said yesterday, affordable housing does exist. Buyers just need to realize that good neighborhoods exist in other places other than Summerlin. Also, I think there needs to be a push to spruce up older neighborhoods.

There are some nice neighborhoods all over town that families dismiss because these neighborhoods lack certain amenities - parks, jogging/walking paths, community centers, etc. Why not create some open spaces in these areas? Also, go to the eyesore homes (yards needing work or home needing some paint) and see if the owner needs some help in fixing up their place. Often, these individuals just need a little financial help. Also, a bigger police presence (maybe a neighborhood substation or regular patrols) gives potential buyers peace of mind regarding the security of the area. It just takes little changes to make a neighborhood appealing to buyers.

Older neighborhoods offer something the newer parts of town do not - SPACE. The lots are bigger. This means more backyard space, more room from neighbors, plus sidewalks on both sides of the street. Additionally, these neighborhoods tend to be greener. Newer communities in Vegas can look quite barren. Water restrictions have not allowed the use of grass.
Yes, home prices have risen dramatically. However, don't be scared off by all of the stories. There are areas of town that still offer a decent home at a good price. You just have to look.

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